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Revenue Collection and Debt Recovery Management Software System

Kollect PowerApps is a suite of applications which automates and streamlines the entire Revenue Collection and Debt Recovery process. Kollect PowerApps helps organizations to reduce bad debt, improves cash flow and lower days receivable outstanding. Collection personnel have access to up-to-the-minute information on each Customer in terms of delinquencies, payments, disputes and promises to pay, so they can quickly resolve Collection issues with Customers.

External Interface to existing legacy systems is the key to have the 360-degree view of the Customers. Kollect External Interfaces will be plugged to existing legacy systems and information can be downloaded periodically or in real-time as well, depending on the business needs. Kollect PowerApps can be set up as such that depending on a certain Customer contact result, a future date, letter generation or action can automatically be scheduled. Kollect PowerApps is cross-platform. It can run on all major platforms in the market today.

The Kollect PowerApps modules are as follows:

  • PowerCollect
  • PowerRecovery
  • PowerAgency
  • PowerReport
  • PowerMessaging
  • PowerCTi
  • PowerLegal
  • PowerSMS
  • PowerAnalysis


Kollect PowerApps is designed and developed leveraging open systems, industry standard technologies of Java, XML, SQL and Http. The next generation Rich Internet Application (RIA) architecture allows for a very responsive and fast application on the desktop which is Http aware, whereby updates are done automatically in the background. In addition, Business Rules Engine and Predictive technologies bring significant intelligence to the application.

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Revenue Collection and Debt Recovery Management Software System

PowerCollect Fact Sheet

PowerCollect is a very sophisticated software application that effectively facilitates Revenue Collection & Debt Recovery Management. It helps to automate and streamline the Revenue Collection & Debt Recovery processes, enabling organizations to Reduce Bad Debt, Improve Cash flow, Improve Revenue Assurance, Reduce Non-Performing Loans (NPL) and improve overall Customer Service.

For Banks, it helps to address major parts of BASEL II compliance, with a comprehensive operational risk framework with built-in behavior scorecards therefore reducing provisions for bad debt, reducing statutory reserves at the Central Bank and overall reduction in NPL.

For Telecoms and Utilities, it augments the Revenue Assurance lifecycle with more sophisticated tools to improve Revenue Collection. For Government (both local and federal) PowerCollect provides a comprehensive framework to increase Revenue Collection, tighten Enforcement & Recovery and improve the Government to Citizen service delivery platforms.

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Revenue Collection and Debt Recovery Management Software System

Kollect PowerReport Fact Sheet

PowerReport is an integral application in Kollect PowerApps suite of Applications designed to automate and streamline the Revenue Collection and Debt Recovery processes.

PowerReport is a flexible and powerful Java Reporting tool which can easily deliver sophisticated print or web reporting. It allows the business users to build, customize, distribute and view/print report as the business demands. PowerReport has Reporting Tools which use a full-featured, fourth generation, English like procedural language to maintain and extract data. Users are able to extract and export reports designed in PowerReport into several formats and environments which include HTML, PDF, Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets, XML, Text files and CSV files.

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SMS Notification and Interaction

Kollect PowerSMS An Advance SMS Notification & 2-way Interaction Platform

Kollect PowerSMS allows you to intelligently reach to more people in less time, generate greater responses, spend less money and resources— and still serve more, retain more, and profit more. The new mantra in Business today is to communicate early and often.

Kollect PowerSMS automates the processes required for holding personalized SMS conversations with your Customers. Kollect PowerSMS is an advance SMS Notification and Interaction software platform that supports various types of SMS based interactions. The different methods supported are:

  • Scheduled Bulk SMS Broadcast
  • Ad-hoc SMS Broadcast
  • Interactive SMS Response & Host Updates (2-ways)
1. Scheduled Bulk SMS Broadcast
  • Manage sending SMS to large selected groups, at pre-configured intervals, increasing reach and coverage.
  • Send multiple personalized SMS to Customers depending on their state of delinquency or previous responses, automatically in bulk.
  • Provide delivery reports on who has received the message.
2. Ad-hoc SMS Broadcast
  • Allow users to choose the SMS template they wish to send to the Customers and facilitate ad-hoc message sending.
  • Send multiple personalized SMS to Customers depending on their status or previous responses – automatically or selectively.
  • Provide delivery reports on who has received the message.
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